First Time grower, need your help !

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Sir Kaos

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Mar 31, 2011
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I would highly appreciate your advise on my specific situation considering the size im growing in. I have provided all necessary info for you to help me out if that is possible ofcourse.

I'm providing the exact growth space so you can give an advice on how much light I need at the first place. I will provide the exact measures to you. I would be glad if you can help me pick the correct light. I might not need 400w x2 or x3 plus HID lights, maybe only 250w x2 or x3.

Below you can see the map of the room that I plan to grow in. The area where it says "Balcon". Measures are: Length 3.40 meters and width is 1.5 - height 285 meters. I will only use 60 cm from the width of this room to grow in because it is the only source of light into my master bedroom.
Ofcourse the 60cm that i plan to grow at will be sealed and closed by a self made closet like room with mylar inner covers.

From the 3.40 meters length i will use 50cm for vegetation space and the rest 290 cm for flowering.
The height i have is 285 from ceiling to ground. 50 cm or 40 cm will be lost in height for the water tank below the plants. what remains as space is 235 meters height


- How big (in gallons) should my pots be? or recommended size considering that in height i only have 235 meters plain with no lights installed yet for the ladies to grow.

- How much light i would need for space of 235 meters x 60 cm.

- How long would the plants grow, considering the correct amount of light to be used in the area size i provided.


I would very much appreciate your input into this.

thank you

You'll be asked to remove the live link, just replace the http with hxxp and all will be good. Also, they'll ask the images not be from a host site.

Without looking and converting the measurements to feet, I will comment on the last can grow the plants as tall or short as you want with some simple training which is covered in the stickies here, I believe:
Welcome to MP,
You have your space sorted out and plan to partition it off, which is good. You are looking to do some homework, which is very good as you will need to do lots and lots and lots of reading. I really cannot stress how important it is to research this subject.

Pot sizes can vary a lot, depending if you want to grow with soil or hydro (you mention a water tank so I am assuming you plan an ebb & flow grow) but in that space, you will probably get quite a few 20l (5 US Gal) pots in it. They are roughly 1ft dia so 2 deep should fit snugly as long as your plants are not too bushy. If you go for bushy plants, stick with a single row of maybe 5 to 8 pots. More plants does not mean more yield!!! You will hear this a lot!

For veg, you need a min of 3,000 lumens per sq ft
Your space is 600mm (2ft) x 500mm (1'8") which is roughly 3'sq meaning you need roughly 10,000 lumens. A 2' 2 tube T5 would work nicely in that space.
For flower, you need a min of 5,000 lumens per sq ft
2.9m x 600mm = 1.74Msq = 18'Sq, which means you will need a min of 90,000 lumens to light the space, which a 600W HPS will produce. However, because the space is long and thin, you would be better off with 2x 400W lights. 400W lamps produce roughtly 50,000 lumens so you will have just over 5,000 lumens per sq ft flowering.

Roddy answered your last Q, Good chap that he is.

Something you overlooked which is just as important as light is ventilation.
Once partitioned, you will have 18'sq with a height of 2.85M, which is almost 9.3ft giving you an volume of 166.5 cubic feet.
You will need to replenish the CO2 in this area for the plants to breath. The minimum I have heard of for ventilation is to exchange the air every 2 mins or as often as 4x per min, my ventilation provises an air exchange every 20 seconds.
So, to exchange the air once per minute, you would need a fan with a cfm (cubic feet per minute) of at least 167, more is better.

You will get all the help in the world on this site but you will have to do your own research and a lot of it.

Green mojo
Your post is a little hard to understand, but if I have gotten it right, you are planning on 2.9 x 1.5 meters for flowering (approx 47 sq ft) and a .6 x 1.5 meter space for vegging (9.68 sq ft). However 235 meters is over 770 ft--this cannot be the height of your space???? You need a min of 5000 lumens per sq ft for flowering and 3000 for vegging. So for flowering you need 234,100 lumens. This is 5 400W HPS lights.

You are also going to need ventilation. How much money do you have to spend on this project? Setting up a 50 sq ft grow space is going to take some bucks.
Maybe start off smaller for your first grow? Just an idea. That much space is gonna require a hefty chunk of cash to outfit right. Jmo
Do you guys take hieght into effect if the light is hanging down four feet from the ceiling? Would you minus that four feet above the light since that space is not really being used and the light is shinning downward?
The height above the light only really matters for ventilation. It is a bonus for heat though as that much space will help reduce your temps. It will make the space more difficult to control though, expecially for light leaks during lights out, that is one reason for people using tents even if they don't need to.
I'm with Hammy on this, a smaller grow would give you the opportunity to learn hands on, while providing you with your own smoke. Minimizes cost, risk, as well as workload. Also makes any set bcks, ( mites, nute probs, diseases) an opportunity to learn rather than waste of alot of time and money.
Just as an aside, I'm scrtching my head a bit on the 235 meters in hieght....I'm no metric genius but that's alot of verticle space. The only metric conversion I know off the top of my head is 10km =6.2 miles....I used to run, back when I was younger, thinner, and had knees that only bent in one direction..LOL.
without pulling up a metrics conversion page, I'm guessing it should be maybe.. "2.35" meters?..or around 8 feet?..:p a meter is about 39 inches I think.

7 feet 8.5 inches to be precise :p
I am thinking it must be 235 cm, since it cannot be meters. Yes a meter is a little over 39".
Hick said:
without pulling up a metrics conversion page, I'm guessing it should be maybe.. "2.35" meters?..or around 8 feet?..:p a meter is about 39 inches I think.

7 feet 8.5 inches to be precise :p

That's about standard ceiling height for the average home or apartment so that makes sense unless he is living in a warehouse or grain tower lol.
I'd guess he's in a place with normal ceiling height, so around 8' woul make sense to me!

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