Ganja' gettin' his feet wet?

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Git "R" lit
Apr 19, 2005
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No. Cal is about to wash away. Hope you're farein' it ok ganj'.
Been watchin' the news for an "old hippy" settin on a rooftop, with his dog..and a dufflebag. ;)

Have another friend up that way, says his road home is washed plumb out. Doesn't expect power back for at least a month.
Thanks for your concern Hick, but the flooding that occured was south of The Triangle.
Not that we haven't had lots--too much--rain lately. We have.
And to-day it turned into wet, slushy snow.
Worse still, I had to be out in it to-day for hours, helping a friend work on his well.
It's all part of living in Paradise, where everybody smokes pot and the cops are grower-friendly.

But I thank you for your concern.
Damn dude!...take out the trash ;)
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