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May 25, 2005
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Downloaded Rock N Roll.

Hi, GanjaGuru here, with some friendly suggestions on tunes you really should listen to, preferably when really high.
First promise yourself you would never ever buy any of these tunes to avoid any possible guilt feelings about cheating these people out of royalties.
Or maybe you have one of those pay tune dealies.
I download stuff from LimeWire, and recently I decieded I wanted to hear My Sharona.
Anyone 40 or older remembers My Sharona by The Knack. I thought it was a nice little ditty, didn't think I'd listen to it more than once or twice.
Well I downloaded it and WOW!
This is a long (5 minute) version with the tastiest high-energy lead rock guitar solo I've heard. DAMN!!!

It's so good in fact (imo of course) that if asked for a definitive example of that genre, I'd name this tune.

Suggestion #2.
I found this a week ago and have listened to it over a dozen times since.
If you like The Beatles, you need to listen to this.
Via Limewire, it's called Stars On 45 Beatles Medley.
It will knock Your Socks off.

So do yourself a favor. Download these tunes (at your own risk), fire up a fatty while you're waiting, then prepare for an experience.

And post back comments please.
Which My Sharona. what is the actual title. I seen one the said [one hit wonders-the knack-my sharona]

There is 191 hits.

Just downloaded that Beatles. I have tons of beatles but not that one. This is sweeeeeet. Great mix.

I have one. If you have kids and a long car ride. I recommend Jerry Garcia and David Grisman "not just for kids". My kids love it. Me I am a Garcia/Grisman fan and a half. folk/bluegrass genre.

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