Getting old beans to germinate

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Jan how were the seeds stored all the yrs?
In frig or freezer? Or just in a basement like environment
I do not know how his grandfather stored his seeds I can ask. I am not sure he will know. Gramps could have lived on another city state or continent even. I can ask him
So ya never really went into details on the old seed inheritance. What else did the dude find?
He never said but he did say he was sending me some of those beans. (I believe he said 8 strains.) He was checking them for viability. They all popped and came up too are growing nicely. I sent hime some of my c99 x northern lights to see if he has better luck. I got 2 with tiny tails put them in dirt we will see in a few days if mine are going past the tiny tail stage.
Woohoo we have lift off!!! The first one is up. I hop it is s female. If a male i have 2 NL fems I will just have to try and make me some, If I don't get one of each. I will have to make me some if I get one of each. This is a great strain. I am too very excited!!!


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Well well what do we have here? A late bloomer. The first seed I planted didn’t come up so a week later I tried again. I used the same pot. It was already marked with c99. It must be the makos worked its way in there. This just came up and it was not there at lights out. Could I have a male and female. I sure hope so. I will def try if it ate both males I will save pollen at least. Maybe dust my white widows or my NL I already have going. I am too very excited!
I am going to up pot it into a 3 gal plastic pot tomorrow. I normally just put them in a 2 gal felt pot but I will have to transplant them again in June anyway. These are photos not autos so they can stay vegging inside until it is time for the outside. When I take plants down I have 3 drying racks so as I chop I can dry and replant the next day. So far I have 5 of The Black, 5 of Black Alaska Purple. 5 Maui Waui or Maui Wowie both spellings are acceptable (I looked it up). 1 evo dream (out of 5) I won them on X. Glad I didn't pay for them. Poor germination on seeds I buy get you banned from my wallet.
I also have some pineapple strains I want to go for one is pineapple skunk the other id pineapple trend which is a cross of the pineapple skunk and trend. There are JTR and a bunch of strains I got from Carty I want to run…decisions…decisions. Nana glue Super nana glue sugar belts so very many what to do what to do byJune I want to have the next crop raring to go. Almost all of my seeds are regs so there will be males. If I don't screw it up, I plan on having 24 plants sexed and ready to go for June. I did pretty good this time I did end up with 24 outside but 2 tricked me. They looked female then they weren’t. I have plenty do no worries. I still have 4 kinds of weed. I am smoking out of. I will not run out this year. I was only using my one hitter to preserve but I no longer give that a thought. The autos inside were a big help I will do that again.
We have them inside but up potted to a 3 gal plastic pot. If I get one or both males I will be harvesting pollen so I can make some seeds. If I get one of each I will be making seeds and they will stay together in the pot. I get two females they will go outside in June with my others that will be ready for my summer grow.
Nice ty. I ran out of c99 x nl but I have another friend that is sending me C99 these are from 2016 but were stored in a fridge. I hope I can get these to germinate. They have not tried them in a few years but they were fine last tome they were germinated. I have pineapple skunk a few weeks old. I want to cross them. I have 9 pineapple skunk some are bound to be males. I will harvest the pollen so I have it on hand. I may need to do it over and over, so I am going to try to keep a mother plant for cloning. We will see. I just planted my first clone. It seems to be doing great, so far. I have it in the dark reveging it right now.

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