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Sep 14, 2005
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Yaaaaaaaahooo! i just got my blue mystic seeds from nirvana. I kno there good because of low order. But what else? Tell me about how growing it is and is it worth it?
congrats man. I just got my blue mystics on monday too. where did you order from? If GN what freebie did you get?

I started my NL. I want to breed my first batch (by the way all 6 I germed were viable :D . Nirvana). I want more seeds. so I don't have to order again. I'll let you know on the blue mystic when I get mine going.

Note: before HC went off line. I checked out a grow journal growing Blue Mystic. they said it can get dank during flower. but not as bad as skunk or something. ;)
thanks! i got mine off i think I think im going to get some bid bud, should I? My friend might give me some NL seeds for free and im going to try and make northern berry.
actually got from ( i think).

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