Greek Plane Crash--Twilight Zone Time?

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May 25, 2005
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This is a weird case.
Last night I read that the bodies being recovered from the crash site were frozen solid.
In case you haven't read about it so far, Sun. a plane from a Greek Airline Co. crashed in Greece. There were 121 people aboard (that includes the crew).
It crashed near a remote village in Greece.
It took off Sun. morning from Cypress, and after a 30 minutes or so radioed in that they were having difficulties with the air conditioning system.
That was the last contact with the plane.
After repeated efforts to contact the plane, the Greek Air Force sent up to F-16's to see what the **** was up.
Flying alongside of the aircraft, the F-16 pilots saw the c-pilot slumped over the controls. There was no pilot visible. They also noticed that the oxygen masks in the cabin and cockpit had been deployed.
On a second pass, the fighter jet pilots saw several people struggling with the control in the cockpit. They don't know if these people were crew or passengers. The plane crashed when it ran out of fuel.

What's weirder
-Seeing the oxygen masks deployed likely meant there was a sudden cabin decompression. When that happens the masks automatically deploy.
With total depressurization, at the plane's altitute of 30,000 feet, oxygen is depleated in 10--30 seconds and the tempeture plunges to below zero.
-If the cabin lost pressure, the people would put on their masks, but the F-16 pilots didn't mention them being used.
And when that happens the pilots make an emergency dive, yet the plane was on automatic pilot.
-No alarm was sent.
-The controls were set to make constant right-hand turns, which indicates the radio didn't work.
-If everyone was incapacitated because of loss of pressure, how were people seen minutes later trying to re-gain control?

-There is a huge discrepancy in the number of children repoted on board. One report said almost 50, another report said a dozen.

-This morning, Greek police raided the office's of the airline.

Both black boxes were recovered (the voice black box is badly damaged) and the bodies are being autopsied to determine the cause of death. If the bodies were frozen soild when they hit the ground, the crash didn't kill them.

Greek authorties report nothing indicates a terrorist act.

The pilots body has not, as of noon, been recovered.
The latest I just read was that 6 bodies have been examined and doctors determined they were ALIVE when the plane crashed.
Maybe unconcious, but alive.
It also said that many passengers had on oxygen masks.
-The body of a female flight attendent was found in the cockpit.
-The body of the pilot still hasn't been located.
Twilight Zone indeed, Guru.
I read that news story this morning as well, and I too thought nothing seemed to add up. I'm no conspiracy theorist by any stretch, but I'm sure they are not now, nor will they be in the future, telling the public the whole story on this one.

Chariots of the Gods, man.

P.S.: Just started flower 12/12 yesterday and changed from MH to HPS. Plants are looking beautious---just waiting for that primordia to tell me what I wanna hear!
Yeh strange, but it is not the first time this haas happened. If you will recall a it happened a few years back. It was a private jet which a famous golf player was on. I forgot his name. It was a runaway jet with same situation.
The golfer's name was Payne Stewart, in 1999.
But that was a small private Lear jet. Passenger planes have many back-up systems, and pilots are trained how to handle situations such as sudden cabin depressurization.
It's frustrating too, all the contradictions.
The coroner says that the first 12 bodies they autopsied were alive when the plane crashed, although initial word from the crash site was that the bodies recovered were "frozen solid". And the recovery team has said none of the bodies were wearing oxygen masks, although I don't know how they could tell, if the plane crashed with such an impact that one of the black boxes (they are orange btw) was badly damaged.
And still no word on the pilot. Apparently his body has not been found.

So according to the latest, the passengers were alive when the plane crashed, meaning there was no sudden loss of cabin pressure. Because even if they had masks on, if the cabin lost pressure the temps would have killed them in a few minutes.

To me, the circumstances indicate a terrorist act.
I don't know if I would go that far yet. Many things can cause the cabin presure to fail. There could have even been a malfunction in the deployment of the masks where the people were dead before they could be used. To many ifs at this point. Can't rule anything out though. And the stories that are not adding up could be just the news getting it wrong just for a story. It has happened before. When the Titanic sank news varied from how many people died to that all were safe and the Titanic was in tow. I know times were different, but reporters are all the same. Makes for a good movie though. No disrespect to the dead. Even the plane crash in Canada last week they were gussing on how many on the plane, and if anyone died. None the less it is strange.
I understand, but masks wouldn't have saved anyone's life at that altitude; they would have died from the below zero cold.
Yet autopsies show that some people at least were alive when the plane crashed.
More strangness:
When the plane didn't respond to repeated radio calls, the plane was termed a "renegade" and Greece scrambled 2 F-16's to go up and have a look-see.
On the first pass the F-16's observed the co-pilot slumped over the controls and no catain visible.
On the next pass they noticed someone struggling with the controls.
The plane was in a slow spiral downward, and the person at the controls first decended several thousand feet, then re-gained altitude. Shortly after that the plane crashed.
-One of the stewards aboard was a trained pilot.
-3 bodies are missing, one of those the pilot, although some bodies were burned beyond reconignition and will have to undergo dna tests to identify the remains.
-Rumors in Greece are the F-16's shot down the plane.

So I'm wondering why some people were up and around (but no radio contact) while it appears that at least one was unconcious.
I'm also wondering WHY the Greeks were so quick to decalre it wasn't an act of terrorism. To me, the events known so far seem to be right out of a 9/11 scene.
Yeah, but they said it was too badly damaged to yield any info. It broke apart on impact.
Plus it's on a 30 min. loop. The plane was in the air for 2 hours after they lost radio contact, so it miight not even have recorded much of anything.

So far the coronor has examined 2 dozen bodies and has said they were all alive until the crash. He said he'll be able to tell by tomorrow if they were concious when the plane crashed.

Right now I'm thinking why, if it was an act of terrorism, it's being covered up.
Does Greece have troops in Iraq?
i wonder if the 2 pilots got into argument . and the co pilot shot the pilot causing small hole in side window and slowly depressureing and went to back of plane to say his prayers . because he was gonna be in trouble anyways why not commit suicide.then when all the passenger realized what was going on they took turns trying to fly plane in subzero winds .dont know just a logical guess.
This is the first time hearing about this .. CRAZY ..
The plane passed over the Athens airport, then made a course change, circled for awhile, then made another course, tried to make a landing but couldn't, and minutes before the crash someone at the controls (thought to be a steward who was also a pilot) radio-ed several mayday calls before the plane crashed.

At least 28 people (everyone autopsied so far) were alive when the plane crashed.
more test will prob. determine if they were consious when the crash occured.

-If someoneone was able to make course changes and attempted to land why didn't they?
-Why was radio contact cut off until the last minute?

It pisses me off that there is so much misinformation. Initial reports from on-scene personell said that the bodies were "frozen solid" yet the coronor disputes this 100%.
I read that the cockpit voice black box had been damaged beyond use, that it had never been recovered, and the latest was that it had been transcribed in France.

-Most planes these days have phone at every seat passengers can use. Why didn't passengers call anyone?

Reports from the F-16 pilots stated that they could see oxygen masks dangling, indicating loss of pressure or at least cabin oxygen. These was no radio contact for over an hour. The electronics for these are located under the pilots seat.

-The missing pilot. He was not seen at the controls by the F-16, his body has not been recovere (3 bodies are missing).

To me, this was clearly an act of sabotage, whether by a terrorist I don't know but prob.

How about:
The plane was hijacked, the hijackers ordered the pilot to do something and he refused or tried to thwart their plans and they shot him. A bullet went through the pilot into the electronics under his seat, knocking out the oxygen/pressure & radio.

-At one time the plane descended to 2,000 feet but then climbed again. ***?

-On the first pass, the F-16's reported No one in the pilots chair and the co-pilot slumped over in his seat. On the second pass the reported seeing 2 people (now believed to be the steward/pilot and a stewerdess) struggling with the controls.

My theory--I think that there was damage to the inside of the cockpit as in someone spraying it with gunfire. That could have knocked out enough controls to make it impossible to land the plane. Maybe they couldn't slow it down?
Maybe the controls kept cutting in and out?

I'm not the only one who disputes the official line that if definately wasn't a terrorist act.
And some people belive the plane was shot down by the F-16's. The military had already contacted the Greek president who greenlighted shooting the plane down if they "needed to".

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