grow back?

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I though when you cut a clone off a plant 2 stems grow back in it's place. After I cut a clone the stems show up but never grow back unless it's the top of the plant. Does anyone know any info on this or a site i could read? thanks.
Maybe you're doing it wrong.
You need to choose a growing tip, not just a leaf.
Make the cut mid-way between 2 nodes.
There is a technique called FIM which involves making a cut at a certain point, but I don't do this and I'm unsure exactly how it's done.
What it does is cause 4 or 5 branches to grow from that point.
The reason I don't do it is generally it doesn't increase your yield by weight; it means more but smaller buds.
If you're interested in FIM, do a search.
Maybe that what's i'm doing, most of my plants have had clones taken from them some have had 3 or more taken from them. I'm trying to take just one clone off one plant only when i get to as number of plants i like. I got 5 budding now, just started and 8 clones that look like there goiung to take :)

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