Grow Like a Pro Kush4Less "gooDr's Show" Og Kush, WW x Skunk#1 plus lavenberry lady!!

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Just wanted to say a few things about my experience so far. I really like this pheno GWS. She gets big fast very frosty i can see why of the white name. Sugar leafs look amazing and the nug looks very light green. Lime white with dark green water leafs with a purple stem. The smell is sweet pungent and smells like the original marijuana. Im liking this strain a lot. I can tell she is dense and nothing but white hairs so i doubt she ll b ready at day 40 in about a week Nov 14. 3 feet tall about 2 feet wide 12 inches from my led 220 solar storm. The crystals are huge and the whole plants looks to b maturing well even th d bottom nugs. The light penetration seems to be pretty good i got buds that are 18inches from the tip of the canopy. My electric bill was super low hahaha n im running it 24hrs shifting w my Tangerine Dream plants n also veggin my two other groups all with 165w led light temps stay low i got my Ac set at 77. So ill take a pic of some of her huge buds. I hope i d ont go over my limit of 4oz max. Since im probably past the 2oz mark. Should b good ill just give some away for storage

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looks awesome....congrats

Thank you! I'm so happy with everything. Exceptional smoke for sure. I can already tell. I tried pressing lightly on one of the bottom nugs. It was so sticky n dense. And my fingers smelled like heaven. Im going crazy over this but the smell is one of the best in the world.


Thanks good buddy. I tried my best and the results are here.

Im all thinkin bout how California passed prop 64 to legalized recreational use of maryjane for adults 21 n over. Idk how this will affect the market. I hope we rise to the ocation n make weed even stronger

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Them babies got some serious hair going on. Those are long haird Hippy Buds. Yehaaaaaaaaaaa
Man, I miss doing grow journals. Looks like some bomb buds!
Man, I miss doing grow journals. Looks like some bomb buds!

Thank you very much
I know what u mean. Grow Journals are somethin special. I still remember reading for hours keeping up with Master Lewis. Auto journals back in 09. I wanna put together all the pics i took of GWS from striped seed to smoke. What a joy.

I think you are right is looking like some Bomb bomb buds. Reminds me of my bubba kush in the way she grow her branches very strong and dense buds.

Could be one of my best strai as far as the way she grows. Great stem yo support heavy buds. Very uniform fills up nicely covered in. Crystals. Fat buds of white skunk funk. Also reminds me of my Sensi Sunk

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