grow room pics--it's finally happening!

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Jun 27, 2005
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Finally got the seedlings underway and thought Iwould post a few pics of the set-up for all who have been so helpful---thanks everyone!

Seedlings are up and on their way, and the top section of the closet has been rigged for cloning/veg, etc..

Fingers crossed, hope these babies produce a killer yield---

Peace to all,

growroom 016.jpg

growroom 017.jpg

growroom 019.jpg

growroom 018.jpg

growroom 020.jpg

growroom 021.jpg

growroom 022.jpg
sweet system. About how much did it cost?
I have the same lights. Same colors too. High Yield Lighting isnt it ? :)
Thanks, DS, I have both a 400w hps 55k lumens and a MH conversion bulb (which is now in place for seedling/early veg cycle, 24/0).

Joey: got this system for around 500.00, but they ( do run sales and sometimes you can get it cheaper. That was including everything: NFT system w/res and pump, light/ballast/bulbs(400w hps and mh conversion), rockwool, rocks, nutrients and a digital timer. There are also many versions of this system if you need more or less of a set-up. Check out the site--
how are you controlling the heat in the room
After seeing a pic of it. It seems smaller then I had immagined it to be. That 400 might be ok. I just bought 2 1000's and another 400w. So I'll be running 1 2000w flower closet and 1 800w veg closet. Hope to get some bigger buds this time.
I have a feeling the 400 will do it as well. I'm in a very hot desert climate and the humidity is sweltering right now, so I've got the intake and exhaust fans for both the main grow area and the upper section running just to keep the temp at arounf 80 degrees during the day. The MH is putting out mucho heat, so I think if I went higher wattage it would only complicate things. The clone kit I bought for the upper section has a 30w 6500k light four four clones, I figured I would do better with regard to heat once I section it off with the plastic.
How big are your flower and veg areas, DS?

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