Hello to everyone!!

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thomas 11111

Green Mojo To All
May 9, 2011
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I would like to say hello to everyone. I am a newbie who has embarked on my 1st growing expierince. I am growing AK-48 by Nirvana for my 1st grow.
Welcome to MP Thomas... I have been here at MP for just under a year now, and can tell you the information you will get here from the Pros (as I like to call them) is reliable and sound. You've come to the right place to learn and gain vast quantities of insight.
Green Mojo your way.
What kind of setup are you running ?? Soil, Hydro, inside, outside ???
Hello there SIXX. Very good to hear from you. I am running an indoor setup currently. I am using a 250 watt MH and 3 34 watt CFL's for supplement. I am growng in organic soil. I have Blue Mountain Organic nutes ordered and should be recieving them in a day or 2. I would like to keep my grow as organic as possible. The strain I am growing is AK-48 by Nirvana. I chose this strain because of it's high tolerance for newbie mistakes along with it's short flowering time. For flowering I will be switching to a 250 watt HPS. I purchased my lights from HTG and am very happy with the setup. I have a growing area of 4' wide by 3' deep x 8' tall ( a spare closet). I started 4 of my ten seeds and all four popped on 4-20! Hopefully a sign of great things to come. I started a grow diary but my pics were to big. Do you have any Idea how I resize them? Everything has been going very well so far except a minor calcium deficiency which I have a worm casting tea brewing as we speak for the problem. I am 19 days into my grow and they are growing like weeds! Every day they are putting on new growth and I have to say that I am hooked on the feeling!
Hey ozzydiodude! Great to hear from ya. I appreciate the links. I will be sure to check them out. I am a newbie so all advice will be greatly appreciated from everyone.
:welcome: and good luck, my friend! :48: hit this big band while reading, helps the concentration LMAO
:welcome: I just finished my first grow, it was a great adventure
hello tom, welcome to a great site. lots to learn here just ask or read every single sticky
Hello! It's really great to hear from Ya!! I have signed up for a couple of different forums in the last few weeks and all of them had an introduce yourself section and not reply on any of them. I have definately found my new home!! Thank you.

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