Hello to you all

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Staring At Shadows
Apr 22, 2005
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Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hello to you all and introduce myself. As you might have garnered I am a refugee from another site and was turned on to this one by Taniwha. I hope for a long pleasant stay. :cool:
Heya Refugee, glad you made it over. Hick is another familiar face you know.
Yes i saw Hick already Tani. ;) Expect more to come. Is this an older form of VB...seems to be missing a lot of smilies icons, and i can't use smilies from my normal list. Kinda sucks....:(
Figured it all out now
Hey Refugee! :D

..also a big hello to my other frds Taniwha & Hic!! :)
hi ya refugee...lil squirt..;) good to see ya's
Hi Refugee

Welcome to the forums.

This version of Vbulletin is is almost the newest, there's one update that's just been out.

This forum is still very new, started in Jan this year.
LilSquirt, its very cozy...a very nice place. Glad to meet y`all. I`m Goldie. :)
hello to all of you there. I am Van from THailand

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