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Don’t eat that pancake.
Jul 18, 2009
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Hi my name is OGKushman and I just wanted to say hello.

WB :ciao:
get all healed up? I hope :)
How is your knee? I think it was a knee....but then again we are stoners here so it cld hve been an elbow, wrist or some other joint...:) Oh helll I said joint...time for a bowl.

Good to see ya again. Don't be a stranger.

MY knee is "OK".

I get around on it pretty good. I just have not had surgery yet. It seems pretty unstable and makes a lot of noise with rotation, but the pain is gone. I try to stay off it as much as possible. And use my brace.

Thanks a lot guys! Good to be back :)
Good to see you back, come on by my yard and take a peek. We got lots of Kush going this year. Glad your knee is better.
i dont know you but glad your checkin in! youll see me around from time to time. what you working on? besides the knee
Welcome back home OG. Hope your knee gets better without surgery.
Im still pushing forward with my Lemon Skunk x OG#18...also have a new cross. Get this: "Lemon Skunk x OG#18 X OG#18" i re crossed it! lol

Also have the SFV that i enjoy oh so much and my last crop broke a gram per watt again! :)

Im really hoping to get this knee better without surgery but its not looking like it. :(
right on right on, u up to snuff 4 sho then.

Good grows to u,

7GE :)
sometimnes there just ain't a holistic alternative, friend. I've had a grip of surgeries, they're no fun, but the sooner u get it done, the quicker u can b back to growin your dankness.

Peace n' Good Health,

7greeneyes :)
The Dr is in...Now where did I put my scalpel..lol

Welcome back stranger.

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