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Aug 1, 2005
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I grow outside.. In the corner of my yard along the fenceline... and i have an ant problem on one of my plants.. I dont really know what to do to get rid of them... What should i put on them..??
hmm ants do eat the larval stage of many insects, these ants i would welcome, if the ants are aphid milkers id worry about aphids. If they are a bother rather than using poision, try Tangle Foot, this product goes at the base of the stem and they cant climb over it. if your plants touch the fence however, this wouldnt work. if the ants are eating the plant, there are products like antex, or products that they take to the queen and wipe out the whole colony. there is a good chance they are a benefit to your girls though and poisions are poision

just put some candy next to your plants everyone will be around the candy. then kill them.
Yikes ant in my plants!!!

Ant go onto plants for a reason. Sometimes you might see one or 2 "on patrol" so to speak, looking for food. This is no problem
Othertimes, ESPECIALLY if you've got a "trail" of ants, they may be tending aphids, which they use like cows (they milk them for their sweet secretions). This is bad because aphids suck juices from the plants.
Insecticides work. Homemade pepper/garlic spray works great for this problem. A biological way to get rid of aphids is ladybugs.
Hey i want you to see my plants... how do i get the pics up... Oh and Durban Poison Smokes REAL NICE
Hey i want you to see my plants... how do i get the pics up... Oh and Durban Poison Smokes REAL NICE

yes indeed , the Durban Poison is one outstanding plant!

do you know the source of your Durban Poison?

and for photos , just click on the attach files bar and go from there!
Posted in 2005.....he is probably dead!

we have a lot of Florida growers here so I just thought maybe they could help,the guy……..geeze….


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