Herbie's Headshop Seed Giveaway!

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Mimosa Shot Please and Thank you!
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Alright everyone! This giveaway has come to an end. I want to thank every member that participated. If you like seeing giveaways the best way to show it is to participate. Of course none of this is possible without sponsors who want to do things like this. If you haven't already, please head over to Herbies Headshop and show them our support!

Our drawing today is pretty simple. Your post number is your entry number. Using Random.org, we selected three winners. Winners have 24 hours as of the time of this post to claim via private message to Admin, or MJ Passion (mind the space between MJ and Passion.).


21 - Quiet Dez


97 - Rakim


58 - Sin inc

If you are one of today's winners, please reach out to Admin, or MJ Passion within 24 hours of this posts time stamp.

If prizes go unclaimed we will hold a drawing every 24 hours till all winners have claimed.

From everyone at Herbie's Headshop, and MarijuanaPassion, we thank you all for your participation.
Alright everyone! To win these prizes you must contact Admin, or MJ Passion (user accounts) to claim your prize.

Using the same method as yesterday, using Random.org, we have drawn three new winners.


75 - Fiefie920


83 - rubrown


57 - maverik713

If you are today's winners, please contact Admin, or MJ Passion to claim.

If winners do not claim we will resume the drawing tomorrow.
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