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I have some of the male flowers circled in red
i had all females then without me noticeing one went hermie and now i have nothing ,but what i want to know is would it do anything to my cuttings and how long does the pollen in the room live .what should i do ? please help
hi ant
damn the hermis!!! :mad:

If you're womdering about cuts from the hermi, they most certainly will herm under like conditions. Seeds from the hermi pollen are worthless. Give them a toss in the trash.
That nasty pollen shoudn't remain viable for more than a few days, under normal conditions. Spraying/misting with water will also render pollen useless.
It's my understanding that under ideal conditions pollen can remain viable for a long long time.
Completely spraying down the growspace with water like Hick recommended is my advice too.
oh crap that mean i have 2 in my grow room i noticed that 2 of my plants started growing these white things that looked weird, at first i thought they were abunch of white hair coming out but they didnt get any straighter or turn into hairs they just stayed in a little hard looking white bit, damn my whole grow could get stuffed up this really suks oh and they are clones of a plant that had 1 seed of a 1.5m plant i didnt think much of it but now im regretting i didnt do something about the clones damn it
Being that they are clones of one plant there is a good chance that all your clones will turn out to be hermies, if the parent plant was indeed a hermie.
i only took 2 clones off that plant but i took 6 off another plant that grew right next to it, because the other one looked better i took 6 but i never got any seeds or anything that looked like seeds growing of that plant will this affect my other 6 that were growing next to the herms or should i just keep an eye on them to look for signs of change ill try and post up some pictures of the herm my cousin didnt want to waste it so i gave it to him lol

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