Hey i know this is stupid but...

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Sep 17, 2005
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Yeah i just started smoking during the summer. And im one of those guys who never wants to get in trouble and is always worried and junk. But man this stuff is great and ive completetly opened up and yeah well k i was really gone while lighting up at a friends place...and a gram in, one guy gives me some oregeno he put in a baggy and told me it was pot. So i loaded the cone and took a drag. And BOY!!! did it taste good....... after the cotton mouth my mouth felt like a swamp and it was like breathing cool air and i thought it was silk i almost died....
nyways my question is......(after all the guys stopped laughing and tried it too and thought it cool) Is mixing oregeno with weed unsafe and if it is are there any alternative things i can do on a low budget short of buying a vaporizer to get a silky hit?
Iunno just like someway to make the smoke less harsh so i can have more
Either you have a super-sensitive throat, or you guys are smoking crap.
Or maybe you're really really young.
Well its the first one and the last one really...i mean i can take it but im just saying having a smooth hit wouldnt be such a bad thing
I been smoking for 3 years, 1/2 of nugget everyday or more and i have no problem with that. This orageno ur talking about that's just messed up. just b/c it looks like weed ITS NOT... But suite urslef...

Smoke Till you cant smoke
awww man dont use that **** brutha that guys tryin to make chips (money) off u, oregano dont do anything 4 u except make u look dumn to the guy who sold it to u,smoke 4 a few years and u wont hardly feel **** when u hit it(unless its real bomb), u just got virgin lungs!!
Bubonic Chronic said:
buy a water bong, put ice in it, and **** it up.

Or if you don't have access to that, make a bucket bong and fill it with ice. Trust me on that one. Smooth smoke from first hit to last? Sheesh, most people get destroyed from smoking one grav hit. It takes me a few nowadays to get where I wanna be, but it doesn't get much smoother and easier to get high than that... Not on a budget anyhow. Besides, you're gonna get the dry mouth anyways. I always do, no matter how I smoke it, and I've tried all kinds of ways, short of a vaporizer. Drink lots of water.

As far as mixing stuff with weed to get a better flavor... Taste the herb, not some garbage you add to it. If you're smoking schwag, I could see wanting to mask the taste, but you ain't smoking it for the flavor then, you're smoking it for the high. Gravity hit all the way. It's like powering down shrooms. They're not shitaake mushrooms, and they ain't portabellas, so you don't eat 'em for the flavor. You eat 'em for the high. ;)

If you really need something to smooth out and get a nice taste in your mouth, smoke a menthol, if you do cigarettes. I'm not a menthol fan, but I like having a few while I'm baked. It's a nice, cool sensation.

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