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Jun 26, 2011
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really glad to be here and I'm very excited about learning here at MP and maybe offering some small things I've picked up. I've been lurking and posting for about 5 years now but my last account (vitocorleone) was deleted. I enjoy movies and books, scfi fi, comedy, mostly.... I love the dune series..and I'm a Tom Robbins fiend.. The Talking Heads are my fav band but I also listen to a lot of tribal/world music.. Paul Simon is pretty cooh, too. I've moved back to California and I'm doing a legal small-medium sized indoor and a small outdoor grow this season. I also like gardening vegies... I'm a little late this year for my usual kale and collards crop but I've started some melons, zukes, and chard... Come check out my journals, haven't created them yet tho. Peace to you and may the sun greet you with a smile and two scoops of raisins :D

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take care and be safe

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