hi iam new at growing

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May 15, 2011
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i have 4 week old seedlings under 400 watt lite. should i be putting nutes to them. and should i pinch them? they are going to be put outside.
Welcome to MP....4 weeks old and not fed yet? I wld think it wld be hungry....pics?

What type of light? HPS? Size of your grow space? Ventilation?
metal halide lite. got fan on them. they are about 7inches tall. good strong stems.

7" is abit small for 4 weeks...Give them some food...imo
waterman said:
at what point should i sex them?
they are going to be put outside
If your going to put them outside then you should wait until they show pre-flowers on their own. Otherwise you will waste a month or so re-vegging it which will hurt size and yield come harvest season. They should show pre-flowers in about the 6th or so week indoors. I would already be adjusting the light to coincide with the daylight hours outside. I don't even know why they aren't outside now. you're wasting elec. in my opinion sunlight is free ;)
the reason they aren't outside yet is because we could still get a frost where i live

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