Hi there, newbie seeking help, regarding hydroponics nutrients products labeling

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Apr 14, 2011
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Hello Guys, my name is Nancy Jones, I am a newbie over here, just gathering few information for starting hydroponics growing for marijuana. While collecting information for growing. I came across a link which has confused me a lot . Is there anybody who can help me out. Please go through the below given link and clear my confusion regarding hydroponics nutrients product information.
Hey Nancy, don't give out too much info, you never know who is watching here. Also, live links are a no no here, if you could change the hTTp to hXXP, this would be great!! Not many will click on that live link, sorry!

Anyway, :welcome: to MP, I think you'll like it here! Tons of great info, check out the stickies and read read read!!!!!!! everyone here is happy to help, so jump in with any questions and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
hola nancy, id recommend you take your name off the posting!!:holysheep: you never know whos watching these pages.:cop: n.c might work better. enjoy, the fellow peps @ m.p are great to deal with!!!:joint: they answer most questions and are very polite. enjoy your time learning from the best, i know i am!!:banana:

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