High Times Medical Cup

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Tempting, but I would have to drive 10 hours one way... I am going to have to think about it.
I wish I could. It would be cool to see some of my old stomping grounds. I lived in SF for 5 years once. I'm WAY too busy to leave home right now though.

I had an apartment on California Street, about a mile from the Presidio. It was one fine place to live. More places to eat than you could shake a stick at.

Now that I'm retired, I've thought many times about moving back to the left coast. San Diego was my favorite of all places I've lived in California. That is one fine partying city! Beach, clubs and restaurants, everything you could want.

And them California wimmin.....OMG! hehe :p :hubba:

Bet I could find one that had a kink for wrinkles...:hubba: :hubba: :hubba:
I'll be there NorCal! You can't miss me. Bright yellow powerchair, double leg amputee, way too many wrinkles, but a whole lot of smiles. Let's twist one up!
Here's the body you'll be looking for. I do tend to sit out in a crowd. Yes, sadly, my days as a trade show girl are long over, but heck, I can toke with the best of 'em. I'll PM you with my cell number. Looking forward to meeting other MP'ers at the Cup!


Stoney, finding a woman with a kink for wrinkles is not difficult for a man.
Now put yourself in my place--being a double amputee, I never knew just how many men were kinky about amputees. But there are times they follow me around the grocery store, and never meet my eyes. It's all about the stumps. So fear not, my wrinkled friend. Go back to San Diego and let your freak flag fly, and I'm sure you won't have an iota of a problem attracting ladies who appreciate a man whose face shows character. It's a lot harder for a woman with wrinkles, so count your blessings! And...do you really like San Diego better than Marin???
Erbal, do it! I'm driving 13 hours each way, by myself, across the desert. C'mon, pack up your car and hit the bay area! You won't regret it.
Anyone else going to the Cup? It's also Gay Pride weekend, so should be wild in the City. Hotel rooms are way pricey and mostly full now. I found a room in Marin.
Bump Bump Bump!
Surely SOME OTHERS HERE must be attending besides NorCalHal and me.
No one else headed for the bay area next weekend? The weather will be in the 70's. Lots of freebies and friends toking up and checking out all the new stuff. Great places to eat, too. There are even places to camp nearby if you can't afford a hotel room.
Mojave if I could be there, trust I would be there to enjoy every second, prob even more so in the presence of incredible people like you. Unfortunately this isnt my vacation season and the times just have a way of keeping an awesome trip like this from happening for me.
Sounds like an experience i want to be a part of. Times are hard for me right now so i will be debating this one but sure looks fun.
That's a 30+ hour drive one way....would be great, but no go! Have a great time though, be safe!
Maybe. Have things planned both sat, and sun. Maybe can shoot across the bay for a couple hours. Make sure to check out the 'Elemental Wellness' booth. Best dispensary in the bay IMO.
Ha MM, I never knew people had an amputee feitish till I read an article on it the other day, some crazy stuff!

It looks like I won't be making it, I just dumped all my extra cash in a business venture so I don't have any spending money left.

Hope you all who are going have a great time!
Hey NorCalHal you make sure you looks after Mojavemama dude with ya stash of buds.
Hey Mojavemama if you dont mind my saying you look like a younger Susan Sarandon who fyi is one of my fave actresses being both attractive and very well endowed.
Mojave, that looks a lot like Death Valley. I think I've been to that exact spot. Near Zabriskie. I'll try to make it out there, only about 90 miles from where I live. But I don't get paid until Monday.

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