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Jun 13, 2011
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I'm about to buy Grow box size (cm) 80 x 80 x 160 , so my room temperature is between 20 to 25'C , do i need to make hole in the box or no need?

is this grow box and lighting is enough for grow one pot? its my 1st time ever

i don't want to make it difficult , i guess ill start with these

any recommendation guys?

PS : i wanna make it sample with good budget :)

thanks for understand
If this box is a tent it shld hve holes already in it for ducting and a passive intake along the bottom.
So its 30 inch x 30 inch x 5'4 high.

its only really good for one plant, i would consider buying somthing bigger for later use, just build one for now its cheap. a few 2x4's and some panda film under 30 bucks.

you will want to do more than one in the future.
i have a 30'' W x 16'' D x 5'.5'' feet
i have 2 in flower in it right now it works great for me little tight but i like it tight haha.
in the future i plan on one at a time i think because of my limited space.
i found out the hard way make sure u have the right amount of lumens listen to everything everyone has to say to you on here they are a big help. it will help you and then you will benifit.
So, how much light do you have?

You need ventilation regardless of what the temps are. Plants need a continual supply of fresh air all the time the lights are on.
To provide this fresh air, in that sized space most growers would have a fan & filter exhausting air through one of the vent holes in the home box.
You set the carbon filter at the highest point in the space, have the fan sucking the air out of the room, via the filter and exhausting outside the growbox.
This removed CO2 depleted air and sucks in fresh air. This is needed for the plants to breath.
You will also probably need an oscillating fan to move air inside the room around so you do not end up with mould. A well set up grow room is the perfect environment for mould to grow unless the air is moved somehow.
If yu are buying a commercially made growbox Or tent, it should have the proper ventilation made into it. (unless it is made by an individual who is inexperienced at making them, in which case I would be asking that person about that b4 purchasing it). Then it is just a matter of connecting any fans needed to move the air.
thanks guys i will look fwd of what you wrote and def will be back if i get stick x

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