How to analize the parameters of the light you bought.


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Oct 27, 2021
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As more and more growers are becoming much professional, we have to know how to analyze the parameters of the light. And then we could distinguish which light is good, which light is scarp.
I have 12 years of lighting purchase, distribution, and application in the farm for cannabis, I give a few opinions of my personal experiences on the lighting.
Below is the test report of the lighting we are using. It shows the spectrum is a full spectrum or not, the PPF efficient index, power factor, power consumption, flux parameter.
1. Full-spectrum issue, a lot people told you their goods are full-spectrum, but we don't know what does it mean. Full-spectrum means it includes IR, UV, VISIBLE LIGHTING(white lighting wavelength lighting and some other colors wavelength), far-red lighting, and so on.
There are two key points:
First: full spectrum doesn't mean it's the best quality one, it's just a normal requirement for most of the lighting.
second: plants growing need special wavelength lighting to promote plants grow faster, stronger, sweeter, or other tastes. So we need extra UV, IR, FAR RED, or some other kinds wavelength in the LED Lighting to make plant growth.
And this is also the most difference between HPS and LED. HPS COULD NOT CUSTOMIZE THE IR, UV Lighting inside that lighting. And that's also one of the reasons why LED grow lighting are booming.

2. PPF index reflects the lighting lumen per wattage. The higher quality it is, the higher PPF it would be.

3. Power Factor: it reflects the power transfer efficiency of the Lighting drivers. The normal qualified power factor index would be >92 at least.

4. IR, UV has different functions on the plants, if the light has UV, IR function, it would be great for the plants, but it also varies for different kinds of cannabis. Specially, UV is a ver strong lighting to cannabis, we should not have too much UV to burn the cannabis. This is a small Tips.

Above is only my personal usage experience, maybe some of my words are not correct. You are welcome to kick it out and let's discuss here.


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