How'd that happen?

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Jan 15, 2006
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My plants are doing good, they have been flowering for 7 weeks. The problem is they have seeds. I had 9 plants 3 were males, and they were all removed with in 12 days of 12/12. I don't understand why I have seeds. Some buds have lots of seeds. Could hermaphrodites be the problem?
Somehow pollen got to the buds.

Maybe a male released pollen before you ditched it, maybe there are male flowers on the girl (herm).

As a side note:
It's not uncommon for a female to put out just one or 2 male flowers.
Many long-time potheads like me have broken up a bud and found a single seed in a bud and that would be the only one out of a 6' tall plant with a pound of buds.

Lastly--don't use those seeds. Shit-can 'em.
Speak of the devil dept.--

Last season I grew multiple lbs., put 40 oz. aside for me (a tad over 3 grams a day for a year) and donated the rest to some med-mj patients I know who cannot grow.
A few minutes ago I was breaking up a bud and came across a seed, the only one out of pounds of buds.
From the looks of it, all of my plants have atleast a couple seeds, some plants have lots of seeds. I dryed 3 little sample buds, and got over 60 seeds. If a male pollinated it early on, wouldn't the younger female buds still be seedless?
If a male pollinated it early on, wouldn't the younger female buds still be seedless?

I would tend to agree, unless viable pollen was left unchecked when "those" pistills were formed, I make the hermi call.
Those male flowers can be pretty difficult to spot. But once you've seen and experienced their damage, you'll not likely forget.
As ganja said, thoe seeds are "Pioson Pills", positive to produce more hermi's. Don't even wish them on your worst enemy.

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