huge plat no buds

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10 to 12 ft tall with no buds me and my friedns foundn't was this bcuz it wasn't topped or what there huge with no bud on it i don't understand
Someone plz help me out

I don't understand.
You "found" a huge plant?
If you "find" a huge plant, it belongs to someone else, not you. Leave it alone.
NoGREENThumb said:
id take it
Now..Why would you want to do that??
Someone has worked and cared for that plant all summer long. It wasn't you. What gives you the right?
Rippers/thieves are lowlifes. They're too lazy or too dumb to be productive for themselves, so they steal from people that aren't.
People have been shot for stealing. "Some" operations employ armed guards. "Some" operations booby-trap their sites.

Not to mention the "BAD karma" that you would be inviteing upon yourself.
hell yea thats like stealing someones dog dont do that wut if it happended to you that would youd be pretty pissed i know if i seen someone taking mine they would get shot lol
I believe in the karma. Also if they are the type of person to rip they are more than likely involved in other lowlife activities wich means they are more than likely gonna get whats coming to them in one way shape or form in the near future.
Don't ever steal other people's plants. They worked for them. You didn't. They deserve them. You don't.
do we still know if he found it or grew it?
It says at the top "me and my friedns foundn't".
Great responses (except the "I'd take it" guy).

To anyone thinking of stealing, think how you'd feel if you came home and all your stuff was gone.
Every bit of it. All your furnature, t.v., computer, fridge, bed, c.d.'s, etc. all gone, stripped to the bare walls.
How would that make you feel?
Why would you want to make someone feel that way?
Especially when it's sooo easy to grow all you can smoke.

One point:
NEVER retaliate with violence. It's counter-productive.
Let's say you find someone ripping off your plants and beat him up/injure him.
He'd either go to the hospital/cops or come back with some friends and beat YOU up.
So if you retaliate that way, you'll either end up in jail or the hospital.

Kharma will take care of rippers.

The best example I've ever heard of, kharma-wise:
A low-life neighbor followed me out to the mountains one afternoon, with the intent of finding my garden and ripping me off.
I noticed him following me when I turned off onto a little-used road.
So instead of driving to the trailhead, I drove to a campground and made camp.
I was prepared for inpromto camp-outs; he wasn't.
I had food and a comfy down sleeping bag and tent and campstove; he didn't.
I spent the night in relative comfort, while he huddled in his car, cold and hungry.
And the next morning I returned home, never going anywhere near my garden.
And then I found out that while this guy was out following me, someone broke into his house and stole a bunch of his stuff.

P.S. I went back that next day and tended my garden while he was bemoaning his fate.
He got what he deserves!!!! Stealing/Thief is the worst thing to get remembered as!
i think its not right to steal but its not our problem if he steals and gets shot its his problem just answer his question!!!!
purple_chronic said:
i think its not right to steal but its not our problem if he steals and gets shot its his problem just answer his question!!!!

I disagree.
If someone wanted to go into your grandma's house to steal her medicine, would you tell him where the spare key was hidden?
For an increasing amt. of people, me and my brother included, marijuana is a necessity.
It's medicine.
I use it for insomnia, stress and back pain (and also recreationally), my brother uses it strickly medicinally, to lessen the occurance and severity of seizures. Nothing else available works as good as marijuana. Ones that approach it's painkiling properties for example cost lots of $$ and have nasty side effects (like ulcers). For my brother the only alternative is phenobarbitol, which turns him into a shuffling zombie.
And costs more than marijuana.

Wait until YOU get ripped off, I bet you'll change your mind.
GanjaGuru said:
For my brother the only alternative is phenobarbitol, which turns him into a shuffling zombie.
And costs more than marijuana.

This thread is beating a dead horse. Look at the date. but Yes Ganja is right. stealing someones medicine for your own gain is wrong. Could you stand by and let someone rip that old lady down the street of her insulin? Could you stand by and let someone steel morphine from a hospice patient? Could you stand by and let someone steel your own childs medicine?

I always beleived there are two kinds of theives.
The pro.:
These guys steel from corporate banks and insured companies. They don't screw with the general public for the most part. These guys do this for a living. and do it well.
The general degenerate theif.
These guys steel from standard run of the mill working class people. These guys would steel food from a hungry baby. They are degernerates and deserve what they get in life. We just had two old ladies beat to death and robbed earlier this week in my city. Now how could you endorse and help promote this kind of behavior.

On a further note:
I read on high times website a month ago. This person got there grow ripped off. They confronted the theif. The theif called the cops hid the grow and pressed charges against who he stole from. Claiming they were threatening his life. 5 yrs. they got. So let the grow go and do not try to retaliate.
Sorry Mutt but I'm going to have to pull my whip out on this one...after lucking out on my first grow, the second one has brought me to tears, if someone stole what I have worked sooo hard for...I would find them... and then I would have them "hurt".
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