Hydrobuddy tutorial

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Sep 25, 2009
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So now you have hydrobuddy loaded on your machine we will look at how to use it. Hydrobuddy will be referred to a HB from here out.

When you open hb iit will open on the welcome page, click on the main page tab. In the middle of the ppage there are 3 boxes; volume. concentration u its, and mass units. being in the USA I click the volume to gallons and as I only need 5 gallons at a time i put 5 where the 100 is. Just below those three boxes we get to choose direct addition or concentrated stock solution A + B. For this tutorial we will click on the concentrated solution. I highly recommend not going less than 5 gallons as the margin of error is greater for larger volumes. you will still need a jewlers scale for the micros, but they will be a lot easier to measure. Next you need to pick a formulation, hb has a good list of formulations for various vegetables in its db, or you can enter your own formula and addd it to the formulations db. This is what I did My current favorite recipei is as follows: Flower
150-60-200-175-60 ppm's N-P-K-Ca-Mg and for veg:160-30- 230- 100-30 ppm's N-P-K-Ca-Mg. Once you have picked your formulation hit the carry out calaulations radio button and after it carries out the calculations go to the results tab. Once in the results tab you have the weights of the chemicals you need to add to get your desired formulation. remember to use RO water when mixing the chemicals.

this is a basic primer to get you up and running with hb. I will post more advanced actions like mixing for your water souurce and copying commercial formulations at a later installment of this tutorial:D

I forgot to mention when mixing the chemicals into the water it helps to heat it up and only fill ½ to ¾ full, after all chemicals are added and dissolved, top up to the 5 gallon mark:D

so lets say you are tired of making or buying RO water, what do you do? With hb you can have a sample of your water tested and then enter the info into hb thereby allowing you to craft nutes to your source water! How sweet is that!
Open hb and go to main window. Once there in upper right there is a box with a radio button labeled "set water perimeters" click on this button. once there just fill in the blanks and save the info to db and stop buying or making RO water:D


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