I must VENT!!!!

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Seriously, why would a breeder take the time to cross Northern Lights and Cindy 99 and not name it. I would think the breeder would take pride in his/her work and glorify it by giving it a name. Most of us sit around stoned thinking up names.......
Sounds like everything is coming together. My NLxCindy 99 seeds just popped today. Wish the breeder would have given this strain a name......maybe I will.....🤔
I was thinking the same thing. Mine would be ..........................................AND, F.U.
fyi........one can have their plants sexed real early now with a tissue sample

I have a seed exchange thread if you to trade seeds I have some fems there to trade. I want to try BB seeds I am ok with reg seeds. I just cull the males or bring him inside if I want to breed. By first attempt failed. Not opposed to trying again as seeds are expensive. I found a cheaper place to get seeds. JustCannabisSeed is where I get mine. I buy all types of seeds, regular, autos, fems, & yes fems autos. They are labeled so you will know.
My sugar haze is giving me over a pound at harvest after drying. They were between 5 and 6 ft tall. I just harvested Black apple x tangerine kush. She was over 5 ft. I have them posted in Harvest time thread.

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