I want 2 see ur bud

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Nov 8, 2005
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Sup my fellow tokers i wanna post pics but cant be bothered figureing out my camra right now so i wanna see sum pics of ur bud im from australia n wanna see diffrent kinds of bud if possible can u zoom in on da crystles the thc spots
cheers n props to all
Buddha luva
(musical made while high)
sing along say it loud n say it proud

Puff the magic dragon
As u take a seat
All of us freestylers
Luv 2 kick a beat
cant be bothered finishin as u can c
dude... there's ALOT of pics already posted.. just look around.
If you want to see bud just do a google.com search for 'marijuana'

You'll see all the different kinds of bud you can handle.
i have to agree with insane jus use a search engine and get er done billy or jus follow ur nose and check out the rest of this forum

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