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Waiting on 4/20 everyday
Jan 30, 2006
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wondering if anyone has ever bought lights from there before? and if they are a trusty site? thanks
yep, I got my HPS from there. really happy. Stoney Bud has gotten two from there and swears by the company now. It might take a week or two to get the product. but at their prices, its worth the wait.
I have purchased my lights from them also. They also sell on Ebay.
They call themselves 360summer360. If you go to insidesun's website and click the testimonials link at the top. It will take you to the Ebay feedback page.

The prices on Ebay are about $10.00 cheaper. for lights.
told you guys so,yeah i got mines of ebay too,exaxt same buyer summer 360 .i got my 1000 for 140 used instead of 200 brand new.the 400 watts only 10 dollar diffrence

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