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Mar 9, 2022
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Regarding the design classification of bongs, there is a lot of debate among smokers, very large bongs or simple small rigs? Glass bong or silicone bong? External ash trap or internal filter?

For better options, you must at least understand the basics. The shape is the most basic. Generally speaking, there are two types of bongs, beaker-style bongs and straight-pipe bongs. For marijuana smokers, both are preferable to a rolled-up bong because of the easier experience.


What is a beaker bong

Beakers are roughly the same shape as those used in science labs, and they can have a spherical bottom with a more slender, rounded neck extending overall that is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. This gives it the important advantage of preventing tipping because it has a larger base. Because of its narrower neck, you're also less likely to drink water in your mouth when you get hit. No one likes a mouthful of water! Some beaker bongs are fitted with an ice trap, which is used to hold the ice, which can help reduce splashing into the mouth and help further cool and filter the smoke.

If you have a particularly good beaker bong, you may find it easier to clean, and even a small beaker bong can deliver a big hit. So, it's not that bigger is better.


What is a straight pipe bong

A straight bong, as its name suggests, is a long, straight bong with a bowl and carburetor on one side.

Straight bongs can generally be quite long, which gives them some extra features such as ice catchers, shower heads and UFO isotonic filters as well as various chambers. Some straight bongs have a detachable downrod, which is a great design.

The inner space of the straight bong is not as large as that of the beaker bong, so it is easier to remove the internal smoke without pulling hard. However, this is also related to the size of the bong.

Straight bongs are more difficult to clean than beaker bongs, and the more filters there are, the harder it is to clean. Due to its straight tube design, its center of gravity is unstable and prone to tipping and breaking.


Which style wins?

Taken together, both designs have pros and cons, but they both work well and serve the same purpose. This actually depends more on your personal preference. If you are using the bong solely for recreational or medical purposes, then any of the smaller sizes will serve you better. If you're a party person with a lot of friends, then you might like the larger versions of both styles. Maybe buy one of each style and you can make a better choice.
I like door number two. Easy to clean.
All that fancy crap is a pain in the ass to clean.

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