is it too late?

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Oct 27, 2006
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can i still get a decent outdoor grow if i put them out now july 15th im starting from 6" clones also how tall can i expect them to grow? ill be using roots organics soil and fox farms nutes ... thank in advance
i think it depends on how much sunlight per day u get in ur area...
It will all depend on how fast they grow in veg, OD flowering hasnt started yet so go for it.
It also depends on the strain. If you have clones taken from a mature mother, you should be fine, as long as the strain is one that finishes before the first frost. If you are going from seed, and it is an early flowering strain, there might not be enough veg time before flowering starts to give a decent yield. I am not sure how flowering a plant before it is mature will effect potency, as I have never done it.
Another thing I just thought of, you probably have time for an autoflower harvest, but not a super auto.
Best of luck to you.
the more u put out the beter the harvest will be. 5-10 gallon pots should due them justice. good luck
im in california im getting 14 1/2 hours sun maybe a little more and im trying to run gdp
and thx for all the replys trully appreciate it

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