Is this a virus?

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Bloody H E L L !
Sep 26, 2008
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I didn't FIM or top this; the doubling is some kind of meristem damage. Some leaves have gone all crinkly. You can see all sorts of strange growth going on.
It's a hybrid between AK47 and Kaliman's Cheese.

looks sorta mutated leafminer never heard of the strain stable is it?

take care and be safe
Good to see you, 4U.
TBH, not very. Yes that crossed my mind too. The male parent is AK47, a notoriously unstable auto with hermie tendencies. The female parent was Kaliman's Cheese, from a batch that displayed a lot of pheno variation. The whole plant displays deformed/crinkled leaves. The first thing I noticed was the meristem shoot suddenly turning upside down and shooting off to the side, then the stem divided in two. I'm not sure what to do with it. If it is a virus I don't want it around. If it is a mutie I might just keep it and see what happens (only if it is fem)
Thinking on, I just threw out a male that also had very strange characteristics: dwarf, very spiky leaves, etc
What say you?
me it close and ride it out...IME..which isnt all that much..these tend to go male...and or Herm on You take that as ya will my friend...My best to you and yours.

take care and be safe

Howdy LM, I seen you posted the dad was an auto.
I have seen that leaf crinkling once on an F4 gen. Auto diesel that went mostly ruderalis on me. Happened on all the beans I popped. Looked more like lettuce then a weed. I noticed major mutant tendencies when playing with auto crossed with regs that i have tried.
The meristem color does seem odd tho too.
If every new shoot does this, I hate to say that you most likely have TMV.


the strain has clone mutational damage. The clone has lost a piece of its genetic pathway. If it continues to do it randomly on the plant, its most likely a mutation.
Yes, you can't see well because of the angle of the photo, but some of the leaves look like what you describe, Mutt.
Oh well. I think I'll isolate it. I only have one plant in flower at the moment, anyway... this experiment with hybrid autos hasn't produced much of interest. I think it's time to buy some more bags of coco and put the Aurora to germinate.

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