is this hps any good? please help

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I am just looking to go to a store and buy a bulb nstead of ordering one online and there is a homedepot near me so i was wondering if this bulb will do any good for my closet grow space...

is just seems cheap for 1000 wats

-The link doesnt work so you have to click on bulbs
-then click on high/low pressure bulbs and its the first one thats the most exspensive


if your too lazy to do the links heres the spef

"This bulb has mogul base, 140000 lumens, 24000 hr. average life, 15-1/6 in. overall length, 3-1/8 in. dia., E-25 250V shape, 21 CRI, 2100 K CCT, ALTO® lamp technology passes EPA's TCLP test for non-hazardous waste. Mfg #C1000S52/ALTO.

• Ceramalux™ 1000 Watt Clear High Pressure Sodium Bulb• Mogul base.• 140000 lumens.• 24000 hr. average life"

its $51

and isnt that really cheap

it should do the job, theman. price sounds fair.
I'm a real sucker for the catch phrases, "New and Improved" or "Enhanced" or
"20% more, free". I spent $200 on an "enhanced spectrum" 1K mh last winter, I have only had the chance to run 1 grow with it, but for my money, I'll not do that again. I didn't see a huge improvement in any area.
My next new bulb will be a standard mh for $62 tax 'n all, out the door.

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