Jackass Star Dead

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Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of MTV's "Jackass" films and TV series, was killed in a fiery car crash on a Pennsylvania highway early Monday, police said.
A passenger in Dunn's 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 was also killed, but investigators have not positively identified the body, according to the police report sent to CNN.
The red-bearded Dunn, 34, was famous for his pranks and dangerous stunts on the show, which evolved into a successful film franchise.
West Goshen, Pennsylvania, police were called to the wreck scene on State Route 322 at 2:30 a.m., the police report said.
"Upon arrival, police located one vehicle off the road and in the woods that was fully engulfed in flames," the report said.
"Speed may have been a contributing factor to the accident," police said, although the investigation is in its preliminary stages.

This photo of Ryan Dunn was posted on his Twitter account about two hours before the accident.
Dunn was driving the Porsche, which was registered in his name, police said.
A photo of Dunn was posted on his Twitter account about two hours before the wreck showing him with a drink in his hand. Two men sitting with Dunn in the photo are not identified.
The manager of Barnaby's in West Chester, Pennsylvania, confirmed that the photo was taken in his bar Sunday night. The bar is about a mile away from where Dunn was killed in a car crash.
Manager Jim O'Brien confirmed that Dunn was drinking there.
Ryan Dunn: We're just stupid people
"He didn't seem to be intoxicated at the time he left," O'Brien said. "Ryan was not a hardcore drinker, at least not when he was here."
O'Brien said Dunn was a regular customer and well known to his staff.
"He was a valuable person in our community and his death is a tragedy," O'Brien said. "He will be missed."
MTV issued a short statement through its Twitter account Monday morning: "We're deeply saddened by the passing of a member of the MTV family, Ryan Dunn. Our hearts and thoughts are with his friends and family."
"Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville tweeted his message Monday morning: "Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie. RIP Ryan, I love you buddy."
Dunn teamed up with "Jackass" co-star Steve-O for an episode of the NBC game show "Minute to Win It" that aired on June 8.
He also hosted "Proving Ground," which premiered on the G4 channel on June 14.
CNN's Jack Hannah and Brittany Kaplan contributed to this report

My guess, if he'd been smoking, he'd still be a jackass....
Reminds me of the Steve Irwin scenario. He spent years doing crazy stunts smashing cars and jumping off cliffs then dies from drunk driving. Some people just don't take speed seriously.

It's too bad though, shame he had to go.
Yeah that car is built for speed.....I get in enough trouble with my car. Too tempting to open her up on the highway...especially late at night. Driving drunk though wld never be in the mix for me.

Heard about this early today, it sucks man...Dunn was a funny dude. Kinda weird that last night we decided to watch Jackass 3.5 ...

The passenger with him is still unidentified...i'm thinkin it was a random chick from the bar. If it was someone he knew other people would probably have known he was with them.
Sorry to see he passed on...figured one of the more "front men" like knoxville woulda bit the farm earlier. Those guys sure are nuts...but from living in that area for a few years...par for course ;)
Pa is its own territory I proudly say thats where i grew up, survived (barely), and ran for the south to save my own life. LOL
I'm sure some of you heard, but after an autopsy they found out he was 2 times over the legal limit...that's what alcohol and stupidity will do to yah.

They also think he was going around 140mph, lost control and went airborne into the woods. GT3's are no joke...
Im with Irish on that.
I never heard of the guy before. But fame is never a reason to give someone a pass on anything.
I don't feel that the family of the passenger should get anything. He was drinking right along side Ryan and he made the decision to get into the car with him. If your going to get in and ride with a drunk you made that decision so be prepared to pay the price.

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