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Jun 8, 2006
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Just thought I'd let all my buddies on here know that I just threw in some Stevie Ray Vaughn-Texas Flood in the CD player, rolled me up a spliff, and poured me a glass of OJ, Vodka and Southern Comfort-AKA the Southern Screw. My fiance will be getting home in a minute, my dogs are sleeping, my Redskins lost again, but it has been a quiet weekend, which I needed so much. Stood around the burn barrel with my Best Friend lastnight and just talked about our dreams for 5 hours. It was really nice, like old times. Hope you guys all had a good weekend too. I will now say another prayer for Mutt and his children. Peace and thanks for listening.


PS---I'd love to hear about you'lls weekend too.


Hey rockydog! I like the sound of your weekend. We are about to convert the formal dining room into a bedroom for my oldest kiddo. This weekend was all about cleaning, cleaning, then a little more cleaning on top of that!!! I did manage to get a few hits off my pipe Saturday morning while hubby was gone with the bigger kids. ;)

Why did the Cowboys have to beat the Colts? That sucked! I thought for sure they'd get their a$$es kicked all over that field. But nooooo. Ahh well, atleast DH and the rest of North Texas is happy. :(

Mutt and his boys are always on my mind. It breaks my heart. I hope they can find some peace and enjoy just a little bit of the holidays. This whole situation is a good reminder of the importance of letting those we care about know how truely special they are to us. So so so sad. :(

On a happy note, tomorrow the hubby goes to work and the big kids will be at school. I can hardly wait to load up my pipe and go out into the garage. The morning can't get here soon enough.

Have a good week everyone.

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