KGB’s AC Infinity VPD controlled grow

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Day 28 from planting. I got some brown spots on the lower leaves of the Bruce Banner and has to trim them. I believe the humidifier was causing it being next to it in the back of the tent so I moved it to the middle of the tent and put a small piece of PVC I had to see if I couldn’t raise the output. Seems to be working better and no more brown spots. The Gorilla Glue is the biggest plant with the Jack Herer close behind. Growth has been explosive this week but I don’t know what to expect with autos. I assume they are about to do a 2 week stretch as they have now all shown sex.

Since flowering started I am changing my VPD scale to a 1.3 target





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Implemented the auto watering system today. Made a note to do this next time at day 21 and to increase the VPD at day 14 so I don’t get the leaf fungus.

The system is simple and just flows water to the plant automatically replacing any used. All I have to do is put water in the bucket which I will pump from the 30 gallon container. Now I have to put air stones in all the containers to keep maximum aeration.


Day 35 from seed

The issue with automation is you gotta remember if you switch something off you gotta turn it back on. I forgot to turn my exhaust routine back on and for three nights humidity jumped to around 87%. Cost me some fan leaves which I hated to lose. I also know to start adding calmag at the start of the 4th week from now on.





Major error on my part. In this part of my experiment I am trying to do as little as possible and in doing that I changed how I water the plants. I am also not following my previous spreadsheets.

I forgot to check PH and that’s why I am getting leave yellowing. My PH is 8.1

Lets see if I can save them from nutrient lockout with a flush of 6.2 water
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Day 42 from seed

I am amazed that they didn’t all die of shock from being nutrient locked but they appear to be coming around. Three of them have changed back, in sections of the plants, to a darker green. We had to go out of town for 3 days and the auto watering worked perfect. They are now taking up water again.

Day 49 from seed

Not sure what to do so I decided to just let it go and see what happens. You can see the sections of the plant where it totally rebounded but the majority of the leaves are really damaged due to the first 6 weeks being with a PH around 8. Any leaf not darker green is producing no trichome but the fruit looks vibrant on all plants

Still cool experiment



63 days from seed

The majority of the leaves on the two saliva leaning plants have died or are dying with the indica leaning shorter plants able to keep some leaves after 6 weeks of severe nutrient lockout. I did close up shots and the buds are healthy which seems odd but interesting. Let’s see if they make it to the amber phase


Final on my grow harvested yesterday at 89 days. Lost all the leaves off the two taller plants and most from the two shorter plants. Because it was a PH issue the buds still lived and are quite healthy. That they lived with healthy buds tells me I can, using my methods, really trim autos as if they were photos which is what I wanted to know.


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I had a Jack Herer a while back that I had a bunch of issues with. The plant ended up looking pretty similar to yours in the end.
Only yielded about a half ounce total, but hoooo boy, it is potent.
I had a Jack Herer a while back that I had a bunch of issues with. The plant ended up looking pretty similar to yours in the end.
Only yielded about a half ounce total, but hoooo boy, it is potent.
They say the French torture grapes to get the flavors they need. I am curious to see how it’s affected but not until it’s dried and cured
I forgot to come back and give you a conclusion concerning VPD controlled grows. Sticking to the proper VPD range is great for the first 4 weeks but after that my tent conditions dictated what I should do.

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