Las Vegas Prepares To Become Cannabis Friendly Travel Destination


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Sep 19, 2009
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Las Vegas Gets Ready To Become The Next Travel Destination For Cannabis-Lovers

Right now, Sin City has just one place where it’s legal to smoke cannabis in public.

December 10, 2019
By Tanja M. Laden
When Nevada first legalized recreational cannabis in 2017, it seemed liked Las Vegas was immediately poised to welcome an influx of weed-loving tourists. A museum opened, a number of cannabis-fueled classes began to crop up, and a series of marijuana-themed tours took root. However, public consumption has hit a legal roadblock, with recent Nevada legislation postponing the licensing of consumption lounges for two whole years. Fortunately, that statute doesn’t apply to the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe, which operates a fully legal cannabis consumption venue, the Vegas Tasting Room, inside the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace. Because it’s on sovereign land, the Vegas Tasting Room is the only place in Las Vegas where folks can safely and legally consume the sacred herb—for now.

When recreational cannabis was first legalized in Nevada, a number of marijuana-themed attractions appeared on the horizon. Today, Las Vegas is home to a two-hour Puff, Pass and Paint class, which invites creative types to deftly wield paintbrushes between tokes in a relaxed environment geared toward all skill levels, from budding artists to established painters and everyone between. Because of Nevada’s consumption laws, however, attendees are required to bring their own bud, and the location’s address is only revealed once tickets are bought. The same goes for similar classes that are currently in the works, such as Puff, Pass and Pastry, which hopes to teach students how to cook with cannabis over brunch or dinner; and Puff, Pass, Pottery, which bills itself as the “only 420 friendly clay working class in the state,” promising to teach attendees how to make ashtrays—with glazing and firing included. The forthcoming Puff, Pass & Pamper class, meanwhile, seeks to instruct guests on how to whip up lip balm, bath soaks, and ingredients for a THC facial.

Another pot-inspired activity that Las Vegas event organizers had in mind upon legalization was the good old-fashioned tour. While there appear to be no weed-themed tours operating at the moment, a few have been planned out. The Sin City Cannabis Tour plans to take folks on a two-and-a-half-hour ride inside a party bus, hitting all of the 420 destinations worth seeing in Las Vegas. Those interested in a more behind-the-scenes look at the marijuana industry will have a chance to take the one-of-a-kind Grow Tour, which offers an exclusive expedition inside an indoor grow house. And in what is perhaps the most ambitious tour of them all, the Hop On Hop Off Cannabis Tour wants to take people along the famous Las Vegas Strip and historic Fremont Street, recalling the regular hop on/hop off tours in major cities around the world, only with bongs, blunts, and bud to boot. Unfortunately, because of the aforementioned laws restricting cannabis consumption, these cannabis tours—like most of the classes—appear to be on hold until Nevada state and Las Vegas city officials figure things out, legally speaking.

Along with classes and tours, another pot-themed attraction is gearing up for action in Las Vegas: Cannabition Cannabis Museum, the world’s first immersive museum dedicated to marijuana. But as with most of the cannabis-themed classes and all of the marijuana-related tours, the museum itself is in limbo, too. It’s temporarily closed, with plans to reopen as a “10,000 square-foot journey featuring more than 20 unique, cannabis inspired art installations celebrating the arts, culture, history, and celebration of the medical and recreational cannabis experience,” according to its website. Right now, Cannabition is in the process of moving to a new location at Planet 13, a mega-dispensary with its own hopes of opening a coffee house and restaurant, pending the clarification of local consumption laws, of course.


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Apr 2, 2008
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planet 13 is fecking nutso. i was in LV 3 wks ago for wifey's 40th and i typically don't go to dispensaries. i kinda had to check that place out as all the uber drivers said it was hands down the best around and being from flint i didn't have any smoke with me. typical ripoff of 60 an 8er, although the experience was cool. the "diamond" rated durban poison worked but did not have any of the smells or tastes of durban that i know. the grower was reina

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