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If the very first leave of a white widow plant (3 weeks old) is cut, does that have any effects afterwords?
It will retard growth until it recovers.
Leaves should NEVER be cut.
What do you mean retard growth? The leave was cut by accident :(
It'll be ok. Try to be carefull in the future. But I dont think it's going to hurt it any. It might slow the growth down a bit while the plant heals and you might have a deformed leaf. But that's all.
So it would not have any effects in the future, on the buds for ex?

I have 2 more questions.

1. If I wanted to stop the growth of a plant for 2 weeks (3weeks old), would I just need turn the lights off and place it by the window instead? (planning on moving)

2. How many weeks does a plant need to be for the first preflowers to show so it's sex can be determined?

The time for showing sex is diffrent from plant to plant. Mine showed sex at 10 weeks of age from the day planted with about 5 days of 12/12. You can force them to flower early though. Just turn the lights down to 12/12. As for trying to suspend the growing for a short time, I'm not sure. I havent had to do that before. I think taking the light away would just make it stretch. And might trigger flowering. But if turned back to full light after a while it should convert back. But I'm not sure about the rate of growth. I'm sure it whould slow down a bit though.
You can't "stop" the growth for 2 weeks.
You could slow it down but if would make for a sickly plant throughout the rest of it's life.
My suggestion: if you can't move them safely, toss 'em and start over after you move.

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