Live Chat is now LIVE!

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Jan 19, 2005
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I've put up a chat box. Everyone that wants to chat live with other members can do that now.

Thanks to Diseased Strain because he setup for us.

Maybe it's a good idea TO START CHAT SESSIONS at a specific time, so we can get together at the same time. Ever heard about Internet Time?

What do you think?
LOL - how cool is this?! Great job, MarP & DS! Thanks!
Hey guys can someone tell me how long marijuana stays in our system?
cool chat. But I can't get it to work for me, but that's ok....My computer is crap.
i cant get it to work either, my computer is not really crap. i think its me.
If you have AddAware or some other spyware it will block the pop-up window like it was a anoying add pop-up. That might be it. Also if you dont have java enabled in your browser, it wont open either. Sometimes you have to click it twice though.
Ah....I have adware and a aol pop up blocker....I'll have to check on the java thing. Chances are I don't have it enabled.
well i can get into it but like there isnt any1 in here

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