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Sweet Cheeba Chiefa
Oct 28, 2006
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I was looking for a strain with low scent, any suggestions? Right now, i'm looking at Bubbleicious, Aurora or Twilight. Does anyone have any experience with these strains? Thnx!
Thnx fellas, this should help me a lil! Very appreciated!
Grape Fruit is excellent smoke, but mine stunk to high heaven.

Northern Lights has been the lowest odor strain I've done.
i am in my second week of flower with ak48, there has been no smell. i attribute this to this negitive ion generator , i got on ebay for next to nothing, it is a aspenair negitive ion generator. man i tell you i have this thing in my cabinet the plants have shown great growth and no odor i mean no odor, i put my nose up to the plant and nothing. i plan on taking the neg ion gen out of the box for the last 3 weeks of flower, to gain back its odor. i have always used a carbon scrubber for odor but with this thing i might try to disconitue it on my next grow
Ion gen huh? I always heard they didn't work well. Glad to hear someone else has one and it works well, ozone gens are very expensive. Thnx for the info!
all a can say is on this grow in veg. prior to putting in the neg ion gen. the odor was our usual strong mj stank now it is gone and has been gone since install. now im in week 2 of flower still no odor.

- also take into consideration this is a small grow cab 4 plants hyro 20sq.ft area
The safest route of action would probably just to be to save your money (from ion generator purchases, which can be expensive) and grow Northern Lights for now, especially if this is one of your first grows.
im growing bubbelicious right now, and the smell isnt overwelming but definetly more than my bagseed grow, but its such a pleasant aroma that i keep them around

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