Making Money Off Growing Pot With No Selling

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May 25, 2005
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I have a friend let's call him R-dog.
He loves good dank, and he got to where he was spending about $15,000/year on pot--approx. 1 $400.00/oz. every 10--12 days.
I convinced him to grow. He started and grew enough in his backyard to smoke and put the $ he usually spent on weed in the bank. In 2 years he went out and bought a brand new shiny red SUV with the money he SAVED.
Rock on R-dog.
ganja i think i speak for hte rest of the mariuanapassion community when i say this, you are my hero
yea ,grow your own ,saves you money and a trip
I thought it worth mentioning here.
US confiscation laws allow for your property to be seized if it is used for illeagal activity.(growing pot) Even a small 'personal' garden. (first hand experience)
It also allows for 'material' items to be seized.."IF" they suspect that it was purchased with related money.
beginning grower said:
ganja i think i speak for hte rest of the mariuanapassion community when i say this, you are my hero

Thank you very much.
By the way, are you a young attractive female with large luscious breasts?

Hick, I'm aware that marijuana is illegal, however where R-dog lives leo's aren't gonna hassle his 8--12 plants because he's a prescripted med-mj user.
And as I said in the title NO selling. R-dog doesn't sell pot. Except for what he brings along on camping trips to smoke with his friends, the pot he grows never leaves his property.
Except if he has some left over, he gives it to homeless people (as do I).
It's awesome that he was able to do that. I started growing my own pot to save money but always end up spending it on something else. oh well, such is life.
I know in my state that possesion of an ouce or more is considered intent to distribute and would be in the same boat as growing 5 plants or less. I compared the laws. So I think if you kept a relativeley small grow, you have less risk than purchasing. At least in my situation, where I live a really private life and consirder it more dangerous to purchase then grow.
ganja..Everyone is 'aware' mj cultivation is illeagal, (or should be). Everyone is NOT aware of the confiscation laws. Your "property" all your property, is subject to seizure if it is involved in illeagal activity. Even if the property is being used without your knowledge.
They also consider it "reasonable" to assume that any assets that you have, were aquired through "this illeagal activity". Weather you have sold so much as a single joint.
And as has been stated sevetral times, the feds have no respect for local or state laws. Grow pot in your backyard if you like, but I feel it only proper to inform people of the "possible" penalties. If you feel that a new SUV in 2 years is worth the risk of putting your family on the street and loseing all that you labored intensly for 20 years for, get the hell after it.
I personally don't. I'll take my risks on uncle sams property, thank you.
As in my prior post. "I've been there"..Done that.."have the T-shirt".
Yes, Federal law trumps state law.
But let's take a look at California, where both me and my friend live.
California is a legal med-mj state, and local, county and state leo's don't **** with people who have small personal grows, esp. if they can flash a 'script.
The feds go after large scale commercial ops--usually 100 or more plants.
They bust a few activists here and there, but the vast majority of personal growers are left alone.
One reason: In California at least, juries are loathe to convict someone who has a dozen plants in his backyard. They know you're not a dealer. Chances are they, or someone they know, has a small pot garden.
Maybe if you also sell meth or beat your spouse or steal they'll come down hard.

The feds are walking a fine line. If they "crack down" the public outcry would prob. lead to marijuana decrim. If the politico's put it up for a vote the people would vote for decrim, as polls overwhelmingly indicate.
At the same time the feds do not want marijuana penalties lessened. They're making too much $$ of marijuana prohibition.
So they will continue to target large-scale ops in med-mj states, and sales, and prosecute marijuana activists (like Eddy Lepp in NorCal).
But a dozen plants in the back yard--small potato's (at least in Cal.)
they usually only catch the people selling drugs,someone snitches on them,or word gets around the street.if your not selling and keeping private you should be okay
"I've been there"..Done that.."have the T-shirt".

I was involved with six(6) very small plants,(less than an oz. of smokeable product) discovered in a remote area ..on a friends property. The DEA was intent on seizing the property.(worth $150,000-$250,000 lotsa' money to be made there auctioning that prop.) A Plea bargain with the local DA, was the only way to avoid further seizure proceedings to be initiated.
I agree, some areas of the country, CA included, are more lenient, pro-pot. And I would agree that they target larger operations, and deservedly so. (that is if they must target any of us). The fact remains, "you are exposing yourself to these laws" and should, at least be aware of them.
If the politico's put it up for a vote the people would vote for decrim, as polls overwhelmingly indicate.
Ever notice "Polls" nearlly always indicate in favor of the "Poller's" opinion?..
It passed in Denver, but by a very small majority. A majority never the less. The same entity is attempting to gather enuff signatures to get it placed on the State ballot in 08. I'm with it 100%, decriminalization. It will be interesting.

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