Male ?

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Mar 21, 2011
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Hi guys im pretty sure it's male just would like your opinions before i chop it! sorry about pic's not a very good camera :(




lol, great camera for invisible pics.....I'll go out on a limb and say MAYBE :rofl:
lol roddy i knew someone would say somthing lol pics were to big had to resize so what do you guys think now there is pics :)
No worries scotsman, having some fun! The pics are pretty blurry, you have the same camera as mine?? :D I can't make out the important stuff, but does look like more than what's supposed to be there?? Can you get a better pic? Try a bit further away and see if it focuses.
A good try, I just cannot tell, sorry! There's some pics of males around here somewhere, I'll try to find a few and see if they match what you're seeing?
cheers for the link roddy! im sure it is male just first grow and all that! wee bit of self dout creeping in, should i chop or wait till they get begger and risk it i dont think i will! il chop it tonight pitty but hey ho its got to go cheers for your help roddy mate.
Its hard to see but it does look like it might me male, they arent gonna drop pollen yet so wait and see, but its looking a little male to me.
No worries, sorry I couldn't help more! As Dman says, they're likely in early stages and not a risk just yet, wait them out a little to be certain! But if they look like the pics, sorry!
Man I tried every trick in the book to remove any blurriness but just can' looks like you got something going on there for sure....just not sure if it is male....a clear pic wld put this to bed though. Jmo
Do you have a Macro setting on your camera? We need a picture that is closer, but not blurry.
A few tips for taking pics
Make sure your "subject" is in the focus area of the camera, otherwise it will try and focus on the wallpaper in the background.
Keep the light source behind the camera, not the subject otherwise you will get a sillouette.
I think the camera will be sufficient if you can get a plain background with the light behind you while you take the pic.

Having said all that, I do think male.
Hope I am wrong.
Peace W

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