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Aug 25, 2005
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Hey all

Been reading some of the posts. Did you know that President Gerald Ford put an end to all cannabis research in 1976 and the DEA shut down the studies being done in 1974 at the Medical College of Virgini which found that THC slowed the growht of 3 types of CANCER? Lung, breast and a virus induced leukemia?
Bubonic Chronic said:
yes, we all know america is bullshit

No dude! America is not bull shit, it's the politicians that are full of shit. For the most part we the people are a cool and very caring people for the most part. We give our lives, money and food to help people in other countries as well as our own. I would not live in any other country. How many countries can you call your leader a mother butt fucker to his face, and not go to jail? I love America, but I hate Bush. A lot of people gave their lives for us to have our freedom that we have, and the free world for that matter. No dude . . . America is great! even if weed is illegal here.

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