Marijuana ads mean big money for weekly newspaper

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Jun 21, 2007
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While many media companies are laying off and making cutbacks, one Sacramento newspaper is expanding distribution and hiring more staff.

The Sacramento News and Review is selling and featuring the ads in the weekly alternative newspaper. It's publishing so many ads that just two weeks ago, it started a new supplement to the paper called 4-20. More than 60 dispensaries are advertised there. All the ads are generating big bucks for the paper.

"We've been able to boost circulation dramatically. We're hiring people again on Tuesday- three additional staff people," said Jeff vonKaenel, Sacramento News and Review's CEO/Publisher. "And, we're adding racks and expanding distribution into new areas."

vonKaenel said daily newspapers are struggling because their revenue from ads and classifieds has been seriously undercut by Craigslist and the internet. He says many newspapers chose not to include medical marijuana ads, fearing it would drive away other advertisers. vonKaenel also said Sacramento News and Review chooses to accept and publish medical marijuana ads because it's always pushing the envelope when it comes to advertising and stories.


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