Maryland Set to Remove Criminal Penalties against Medical Marijuana

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Jun 21, 2007
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Dan Morhaim state representative of Reisterstown stated that Maryland in its own little way has taken a major step towards disregarding criminal penalties on the use of medical marijuana.

The state senate was reported to have voted in favor of the bill which has been approved by the house and Martin O’Malley’s aides from the government stated he would sign the bill following the Marijuana Policy Project.

The bill allows patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis and other dire conditions to escape the $100 fine and misdemeanor convictions when charged with non-public usage or possession of marijuana.

Despite the moves made by the government, Morhaim has expressed that they still had a long way to go when it comes to legislation, which is often slow.

Further, he stated that he wanted marijuana to be prescribed like any other medicine and more dangerous drugs have been prescribed by doctors.

Though the bill has been commended, more legislation is said to be needed, as patients who need more than an ounce are said to be at risk if they buy more than the ounce stipulated by the bill.

Moreover, Morhaim has expressed his disapproval regarding patient cultivation as it will disrupt consistent quality and potency. Also, he pointed out that all these actions are being taken to cater for people who are seriously ill and do not respond to all the standard drugs.


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