Montana Nazi twins now Montana hippie twins

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Jun 21, 2007
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Kalispell residents Lamb and Lynx Gaede, formerly of Nazi-themed pop group Prussian Blue, broke their media silence with The Daily. In a story published yesterday, Lamb and Lynx reveal that they're over the whole white nationalist thing.

“My sister and I are pretty liberal now,” Lamb told The Daily.

The twins’ mother, April Gaede, who has been a prominent member of racist fringe groups like the National Alliance and the National Vanguard, brought up her daughters with the ethos of white nationalism — a mix of racial pride, anti-immigrant hostility, Holocaust denial and resistance to the encroachment of “muds,” i.e., Jews and nonwhites.

But after enrolling in public school and moving to Montana — a predominantly white state, albeit one with a decidedly hippie-ish vibe — Lamb and Lynx decided they simply no longer believed what they’d been taught.

The twins, now 19, are still playing music and now painting "astrological themes, mostly." Both are also passionate supporters of medical marijuana; they're registered users through the state. Lynx, who was diagnosed with cancer in high school, says it saved her life.

As for their mother, the twins say she still has a "fixation" on the future of the white race, but she's supportive of their new direction.

The first signs of a change of heart came in 2007 after a British documentary showed the twins rebelling against their mother's beliefs. But even after their latest news, the Gaede's transformation is still a work in progress. When asked about whether the Holocaust happened, Lynx told The Daily "certain things happened."

"I think a lot of the stories got misconstrued. I mean, yeah, Hitler wasn’t the best, but Stalin wasn’t, Churchill wasn’t. I disagree with everybody at that time.”

Lamb concurred. “I just think everyone needs to frickin’ get over it,” she said. “That’s what I think.”

most of the one that follow the "nazi" way are the one to afrad to live life as a normal part of the world. They hid behind a idea that makes then look like someone instead of the lemming they actually are.

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