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May 25, 2005
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Whatever Happened to the Concept of Keeping a Low Profile? Sonja Aguirre, 18, was arrested in Greenwood Village, Colo., in March when, while allegedly carrying 265 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $500,000, she decided to save a few steps and park in a handicap space.
And Edgar Galvan, 28, and Jose Clark, 27, were arrested in Orlando, Fla., in July when, though allegedly carrying 550 pounds of marijuana, they nonetheless hauled it in an SUV with an expired license plate.
And, according to police in Dayton, Ohio, in August, a man and a teenager, who were intending to rob a marijuana-growing couple of their large inventory, were arrested shortly beforehand when they tried to save a few bucks by shoplifting pantyhose (to wear as disguises in the robbery) from a Rite Aid drug store. [WKMG-TV (Orlando)-AP, 7-20-05] [KMGH-TV (Denver), 3-31-05] [Dayton Daily News, 8-20-05]

I'll add one of my own.
A few years ago a car with 5 guys in it was stopped on Main St. in a small town in my neck of the woods.
On the 5 people and in the car the cops found a wide variety of drugs inc. 20 lbs of pot. They were all arrested.
The reason they got stopped?
They weren't wearing seat belts.
And the driver was drunk.
:p :rolleyes: wonder they call it "dope", ehh

and of course, you/ve heard the one where the two fools took freshly picked mj into a convienience store and placed it in the microwave to "quick dry", while a police officer was having coffee there... :D :D :D
i've got one that happened a few weeks, not too far from where I live...

cops stop to investigate an abandonned car on the side of the road at about 11 at night. Using their flashlights, they peer into the back of the car, only to see about 100 pounds of MJ, all wrapped up, ready for selling. All the cops had to do was wait until the two guys/fools come walking back from the gas station, carrying jerry-cans with gas. Both were arrested.

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