Mother Doping Around Children, Court Hears


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Oct 22, 2005
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02 Aug 2006
by Sheila Rowland
Judge Hands Down 18 Months Probation

A 34-YEAR-OLD mother pled guilty last week to possessing cannabis marijuana after she offered a joint to her teenage son and daughter.
The Wasaga Beach resident received 18 months probation on a suspended sentence, Tuesday.
Federal prosecutor Cecile Applegate told the court that in December 2003 the childrens' father contacted police "with concerns about" the youngsters - - then age 13 and 14.
The complainant said on one family visit, Tammy Larsen offered them a marijuana cigarette; on a second visit, the accused is alleged to have "smoked a joint in front of the children."
Applegate said the complainant also claimed Larsen told the boy she could "hook him up with drugs to sell."
"The facts are quite shocking. Clearly, she has exposed her children to the perils of marijuana," finished the prosecutor.
Larsen expressed embarrassment and regret before Justice John Wilson, who noted her attempt at improving parenting skills through the Children's Aid Society.
"Life can be a little complex," began the judge, adding: "Often choices are made that are inappropriate but so frequently made, so people start to think, 'Hey, there's not a whole lot wrong with this.'
"Minors will likely find marijuana without the assistance of their parents," Wilson wrote.
Larsen will be bound by a non-contract order pertaining to her children, unless they choose to revoke it.
Counselling for substance abuse and further parenting training were strongly endorsed by the court - and Larsen will do 75 hours of community service, beginning in 30 days.
The outstanding allegation of failing to re-attend court will be addressed on Aug. 29.


What was that mom thinking???

(On a side note, my dad was buying me cigarettes and an occassional 6 pack of beer when I was 16. But we both kept any pot use secret from eachother.)

Stoney Bud

As a person who at 13 was on my own, I saw stuff that would curl your hair. Kids deal with stuff better than some adults. Kids can be very tough. Someone smoking a joint in front of her teenage kids? That's lame as a 3 dollar bill. That's a common occurrence every minute of every day in every city in the civilized world. If it really does grow into neglect, then yeah, do the same as you would for any case of neglect. Pot's got nothing to do with it unless the kids are in some kind of danger as a result. Give me a break!

We need a President who DID inhale and liked it.

If you vote for me, I'll promise to have two baggies in every home!

A joint will be added to the flag! Maybe a bong.

Everyone at my cabinet meetings has to get high with me first.

Can you imagine?

Stoney Bud

SmokinMom said:
Can I serve on your cabinet, Stoney? :)
I'm going to have a really big cabinet!

Sure! We'll have the AG center grow some really great shit for us.

The Bro's Grunt are the Secretary's of Agriculture! The entire war department now works for you! The whole military budget is yours. That's 300 Billion a year. I want to see green houses! Breeding! Breeding of the pot plants too!

Grow on!

I need a VP...Mutt? Where are you Mutt?


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Jan 6, 2006
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Stoney Bud said:
I need a VP...Mutt? Where are you Mutt?
Screw that, The VP is always veiwed as a chump. I wanna be a senator. They are set for a job till the day they die. No Taxes, great kickbacks and bribes, excellent benefits and pay, regular self given pay raises. Oh and I can do what ever I want whenever I want. Thats the job for me. ;)

I'll make sure that TBG gets the funds he needs for his agriculture dept. ;)

We'll make Hick the Secretary of defense.


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Apr 13, 2006
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Oddly enough, getting shit faced drunk in front of your children is perfectly legal.


According to the US constitution there is no law stating that he citizens have to pay a direct tax on their wages, only on gains and profits of a company, unless by census and then has to be apportioned... so I wouldn't pay the taxes, but definately go for a bag in every home!


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Aug 14, 2006
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Believe it or not there are more adults that smoke marijuana than people can even imagine, I see adults that are alcoholics every day but not once have I ever seen an adult that is a marijuana addict. Marijuana is so pure it comes straight from the source you pluck it and smoke it unlike all those other insane processed drugs, the damn government needs to back the **** up off marijuana and go after the big fish, and maybe there wouldnt be so much violence over marijuana if it was just legalized and there was more concentration on narcotics. I mean when was the last time someone got held up at gun point for a 6 pack of beer? Or a bottle of vodka? The point is the government will do anything to make money, they will allow the selling of a drug like Zoloft which can induce suicidal behavior or other dangerous drugs that killed several people before it was pulled from shelves, they will push pain killers, mood elevators, sleep aids and anti-depressants YOU NAME IT before they ever allow the legalization of the herb that cures all the problems I just listed, you tell me how is that going to reflect on their sales? Anyone that feels me on this post, say holla.

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