moving to indoors...have a few questions

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Apr 4, 2005
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i recently planted a seed outside just to see what it would do and to my suprise it sprouted. The seedling was moved from a germination tray into a six inch pot once it reached about an inch in height. i have now moved it indoor and placed it under 2 40 watt flourescent bulbs (24 hrs on) with a small fan next to it. the plant is about 6 inches away from the light. is this too close, far away or just right? with proper watering what kind of groth should i expect. i want to use this plant for clones and was wondering about how long it will be? I also want to make sure i am taking the right steps. right now it is in miricle grow moisture control potting soil should i add anything else. It took about 2 weeks to grow to an inch and when i re potted it it had a few roots well over 4 inches, is this good? I am just looking for some general help. Also how much "aroma" will this one plant give off?
ur gonna need a bigger light...the fluros do the job for the first couple of weeks but won't be enough as the plant gets older...6iches is fine for fluros for need to worry about aroma til flowering...i suggest u read the FAQ section of this board, u'll find all the answers to ur questions there...g'luck
IMO, 6 inches is too far away. Maximum penetration for "useable" flourescent light is around 6 inches. I would keep it within 2 inches, at least. I let little ones grow right against cool flo's. Your nodes will be closer, less stretch, the more intense the light.

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