my dwc tamatos look like dwc ****

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Mar 8, 2011
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hey all, I aquired these tamato's about a week ago and they were in nut lock pretty bad. and in a home made hyro setup thatg wasnt that great of a design (hence the nute lock) well I switched them to dwc buckets and added about half strength fox farms hydro and some big bloom. my ph is 5.8-6-0 and my ppms are at about 500. and they are under a 1000watt HPS at 18hrs on and 6 off, and they still look like ****.the leaves were all are all knurled up and curling down when I got it.there's not any yellow on the leaves. and they had the previous lights on 12/12. anybody know what I may be doing wrong? any pointers? any advice would be terrific.

thanks :)


Tomatoes are not marijuana....however.....Nute lock is not caused by an improperly designed DWC setup. It is caused by the incorrect pH. I don't know about tomatoes, but in hydro, your pH should be between about 5.3 and 6.0 tyo insure uptake of all the nutes
when I got them the ph was off big time. and I believe it was due to the poorly designed system, one bucket would be close and the other would be way off, but it was a circulating system. so I did away with it and went to the dwc buckets. now the ph seems to staying in the correct zone. I was under the impression that a 5.8 was the dead on area for ph in hydro? is this correct?
Are you getting enough air in the DWC? that plant looks like a tomatoe plant that has seen nothing but rain for a week outside.
welp, my dwc maters are producing some fruit. WOOO HOOOOO!:yay: this is awesome. just got a huge local farmers market building in the city close to us. kinda like a seattlle pikes market thing. gonna be way cool. huge place. would like to get a a nice fruit/veggie setup going and take some down there. will get some pics up. thanks for the input.

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