Netherlands to close cannabis coffee shops to tourists

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Jun 21, 2007
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In an effort to stop drug tourism, the Dutch government on Friday decided to restrict access to cannabis coffee shops so that tourists will no longer be able to buy the drugs.

Coffee shops are establishments in the Netherlands where the sale of cannabis for personal consumption by the public is tolerated by the local authorities. As this is illegal in most countries, many tourists from around the world travel to Amsterdam to use cannabis.

But in an effort to reduce criminal behavior and tourism as a result of the drug policy, the Dutch government on Friday decided to introduce a membership system for coffee shops. The city of Amsterdam, where most tourists go, is against the decision

The new system will require members of coffee shops to be a citizen of the Netherlands and over the age of 18. "The coalition agreement says that the current open door policy of coffee shops should be stopped and that the fight against organized drug crime should be intensified," the Dutch cabinet said in a statement.

The new laws will require coffee shops to become closed clubs for the local market, meaning that only Dutch citizens will be allowed access if they are able to show a valid ID and have a membership of the coffee shop in question.

The membership will be in the form of a club card which can be provided by coffee shop owners if those who want to be a customer can produce a valid ID and proof that he or she lives in the Netherlands. The membership will be for a period of at least a year, but coffee shops will be restricted in the number of club cards they can issue.

"The desired small scale will be achieved by the cabinet by capping the number of members of coffee shops. What the exact maximum number of members per coffee shop is will be determined at a later moment," the cabinet said. "The mayor can under local circumstances impose a lower number of maximum members."

The European Court of Justice previously said the new laws to deny access to foreigners is not in violation of European law. A court case against the new measures is still pending at the Netherlands' Council of State, but the government does not expect this to be a problem.

"The cabinet expects that the closure of coffee shops to foreign drug tourists will result in that they no longer travel to the Netherlands for the sale and consumption of cannabis," the cabinet said in the statement. "After all, for many of them applies that they can use the existing illegal market in their own country. Nevertheless will the possible side effects of these measures be monitored closely and adequately addressed by the police, judiciary, and administration."

Additionally, the Dutch government also decided on Friday that coffee shops will not be allowed within 350 meters (1,100 feet) of schools. This measure is aimed to stop students from visiting the coffee shops.

Wow, I wonder how much that is going to hurt tourism.
Whats going to happen to the Canni cup? >.< I was hoping to get a chance to rock it one day ...
I bet a lot THG

but coffee shops will be restricted in the number of club cards they can issue.

also nothing like dictating your monetary income.
Worst then tourism it will afect lot's of small border towns near France and Germany because they usually where the suppliers for the cities nearby.
Guess that it was the last time i went to Babylon. At least have new travel desirees :hubba:
Aiaiai! This law hopefully not will be enforced before october! I've got a concert date with Tori Amos in Amster and prob need some relax time afterwards...
This sucks but honestly I am probably smoking better bud at my house then most coffee shops serve anyway....well peeps save the money you wld have spent on going to Amsterdam and get some good grow equipment and some Fire strains and rock it at home....:)

Personally I don't think this ban will last long.
The god dam plane ride is too long
You are welcome at the Hamster Hut anytime...
it wouldent stop me going over,,,, id just stand out side the front door and ask every punter thats going in to pop in and get me some good stuff!! ther would be no hasel in finding herb ther ,,,just a bumer you couldent relax in a coffe shop,,, i alwas got my stash then go about exploring i prefer that to siting in a coffe shop,,, amsterdams a wacky place i love it and only a hour flight away from me ,,,when i go to amsterdam stuffs crazy off the radar mellow and dangres all in one // one of my next venshors gona be to denmark free town in the capital iv herd good things bout this place lots of hashish ,budder realy potent stuff ill go over when im beter off so i can bring back load of stuff. peace[j]
Oh what the hay!... they "still" have prostitution, right?...:rofl:
bho_expertz said:
:hubba: are those 1 gallon pots enough ?

Yeah I think I got it covered.....I just gotta clear it with the wife...she might not want to share all the Dank...:angrywife:

Two to three ounces a one gallon pot and my 4x4x6.5 flower tent seats 9.;)

My math says we can put some happy stoned faces on quite a few peeps for awhile...:hubba:

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